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Welcome to Masquerade Dresses.Net

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Below on this homepage, you will find general information about masquerade ball dresses and the various styles that they can come in. We also have some great pictures, and a blog page with articles and more information. Thanks so much for visiting!

Masquerade balls are popular parties where people get together to wear beautiful and mysterious masks that hide their identities and act as decoration and accessories to their outfits.  Everybody tries to outdo one another, and wear the mask that is going to impress their friends and colleagues.  These masked ball parties have been going on for hundreds of years, and have been practiced in one form or another by several different cultures, such as the Italians, and the people in various parts of South America.

At these masked balls, the women wear gorgeous and often elaborate masquerade dresses that feature bright colors and beautiful designs.  These dresses can be in a variety of styles, from short and simple to full and ornamented with trims, ribbons, and other adornments.  The key to choosing a really great dress for your masquerade ball is to try to match your mask to your dress as closely as possible, which can sometimes be a difficult task.  The general rule on this is to match the color of your mask to the primary color in your  masquerade dress.  Meaning, if your dress is black and teal, match  the mask to the black.  This is because it can often be very hard to find a perfect match between your dress and your mask if you are trying to match a color like teal, pink, etc.

In the last decade or so, having a masquerade themed prom is very stylish, and because of the popularity of these themes, many girls each year try to find those perfect masquerade prom dresses that will make them stand out and look truly amazing.  The rules for choosing a great dress for a masked ball prom are the same as for any ball, but take heed that girls may want to use a stick or a handle, sometimes called a dowel, in order to hold the stick up to their face and protect their makeup jobs.

Colors of masquerade dresses should be a mix of fun and classy.  Some women prefer to keep it elegant in all black or black/silver/white, which are very popular for masquerade parties, while others like to wear a classy but sassy pastel pink, purple, or even a red or orange.  As long as the mask matches the dress, you can’t really go wrong.

I hope that this information has helped you in your search for that perfect dress!  Please enjoy the blog as well, and have a great masquerade ball!